About the designer


Fleur Kassels is a Rotterdam based designer. Her atelier is located in “The Wasserij” where she creates an oasis of uniqueness and purity. She started her jewelry line a few years ago with just some dentist tools she inherited from her grandfather. Now she has perfected her craftsmanship in making unique pieces of jewelry.

She created a world with soft tones and pure imagery. But she’ll always contribute a funny note, like tiny furniture or noses on legs. The influences of this ‘wink to reality’ inspirational vibe are clearly visible in the designs of the pieces. Like a small engraved leaf or a timeless pearl.

“To me, jewelry is like handmade stories in pure gold and silver. I give my jewelry the love and attention it deserves so that it can last a lifetime. Therefore I think it's important that you don't just choose a piece from my collection, but one that you really see as an extension of your body. It warms my heart and inspires me to see that my jewelry is given another dimension by the people who wear it.”

The fine jewelry she makes is made from recycled 14K gold, 925 Silver, and freshwater pearls. You can wear the pieces every day and are made to last for years, as a valuable piece in your life. Just like the people who wear her creations, each gem is one-of-a-kind and got small imperfections or beauty spots, to add character and uniqueness to each piece.